So you've felt that big shift of energy

[and clearly everyone else has tooโ€ฆ]

So what the heck is going on?!

July 16th holds incredible energy. ๐Ÿ˜

We have a Lunar Eclipse + a TON OF RETROGRADES.

So typically, during a Full Moon ๐ŸŒ• , you experience it at its brightest. Butโ€ฆ during a lunar eclipse mama Earth passes between the Sun & Moon which engulfs the Moon in shadow. What WE actually see here on Earth, a dark red color called an Umbra. Because of this color theyโ€™re often referred to as a Blood Moon.

Ok so what does this have to do with energy?

Eclipses trigger these karmic points which fuel major events that shift us & essentially make sure weโ€™re properly positioned on our karmic pathway. So get thisโ€ฆ if you were weighing a big decision or two like changing best friends, asking a partner to marry you soon, on the flip side - ending a toxic relationship, or leaving a job in a few months, eclipses will make sure that shit happens NOW. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

This is sheerly because eclipses are far from subtle. Theyโ€™re that drama filled basic bitch hat gets all up in your business. Get ready for new doors open by slamming others shut. Weโ€™re talking bridges burned ๐Ÿ”ฅ & built overnightโ€ฆ so if youโ€™ve been waiting for a catalyst, itโ€™s here. Remember [once youโ€™ve grounded & gotten clear] that it's in your best interest to take action! So, get ready to move forward full speed ahead if youโ€™ve been dragging your feet.

so baby what are you waiting for?

make your move ๐Ÿ’‹

Mama Said

Mama. I see you. โœจ

I'm holding space for you.

You're tired.
You're stressed.

The house makes you anxious, because there's not enough hours in the day to do it all.

You're feeling lonely.

Friends? What are those?
You time? That's a thing???

You give so much to everyone, while asking for so little in return - if you get far enough to ask. Your meals are almost always cold because you're making sure everyone else's is hot.

You're getting such little sleep & still taking on the world with a smile. Because Mama, you're super woman. 

You feel like no one else sees what you put in. You feel like no one appreciates but everyone seems to notice when you stop. You have everyone else in the house's problems on your shoulders - so when is there time or energy for your own??? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I know some days are harder than others. I know some days you pretend you're okay, praying for the tools to get you through. I know you feel investing in yourself or treating yourself doesn't hold value - that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

& the laundry. OMG the laundry.

Mama, I see you...

Mama, I say...

Take some time for you. However you have to.
Appreciate your own damn self - you're amazing ๐Ÿ’–- even if no one tells you.

Mama, I say...

Make yourself a hot meal, at least once a week. You deserve a good meal just as much.
( OH & who needs clothes ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚ )

Mama, I say... 

You're valued. Even when you feel you're not.
Someone is holding space for you.
Even if that's only me. ๐Ÿฅฐ

Mama, I say...

Invest away. You can't pour from an empty cup. Your investment will return its weight in gold - simply by lifting your spirits.

Mama, I say...

You ARE enough - even if you're made to feel like you're not. Your feelings matter too - so keep sharing them. 




SO we can hold space for HER too.

๐Ÿ’ž Mama said.

Love for all the mamas out there killin' it

Inspired by my mama friends, this bomb ๐Ÿ’ฃ hat from Motto + Fleur (click the pic to grab their link - let them know I sent ya!), & of course true, real, & raw mama life.

5 Ways to Maximize the Full Moon

Full Moons are FULL of


Which is why it is CRUCIAL to maximize this energy.

Hereโ€™s 5 ways I love to harness the power.

GOT CRYSTALS??? Charge them UP!
Charging crystals is a super simple practice.
I suggest cleansing them with sage or Reiki prior,
but the energy of the moon will cleanse them as well.
You set your intentions of harnessing the power of the full moon
literally while setting them outside to soak up the moon (just like sun-bathing!)
Just be careful as some stones can be ruined outside (getting wet in the event of rain).

BONUS: You can even do this with essential oils!!!
Follow me on Facebook for a chance to grab one of my exclusive blends.

JOURNAL. Dig fearlessly deep.
Full moons are great for acknowledgement & clarity.
Use both to your advantage.

EXPERIENCE AN ENERGY SESSION. Reiki + Full Moon = Unique Frequencies.
Book an in person or distance Reiki session!
The frequencies from Reiki & the Master or Practitioner channeling + the energy from the Full Moon combined can really amplify the healing & transformations.
(I offer some extremely powerful lunar work)

One of my favorites is putting regular water in a jar & charging it in the moon.
Youโ€™re changing the intentions & when you drink it will be revitalized with the moon!

Because psychic abilities are heightened at this time,
it is often easier to identify cords tied to your etheric body.
Release them with love & strength of the moon.

Enjoy the Full Moon & ALWAYS finish any ritual or practice with gratitude.

Want to learn more about the phases & follow the moons with me?
Download my 2019 Lunar Calendar FREE when you subscribe.

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Connect to Your Highest Self: 4 Crystals to Help


One of my favorite ways to access my highest self vibration is with crystals!

Here are 4 of my favorite highest self crystals and why! ๐Ÿ‘‡


โ€ขLessens self defeating behaviors and builds self esteem. In turn builds confidence as well.

โ€ขHelps you to understand yourself, embrace your inner truth and express it effectively.

(ESPECIALLY in difficult situations)

โ€ขPromotes self expression through creativity- get in touch with your inner Creative... it can help in areas like writing, drawing, painting, acting, and singing.


โ€ขStone of self esteem, self confidence, self expression and individuality. Gives you the confidence to be the best damn you there's ever been, embracing your differences & uniqueness.

โ€ขInspires emotional clarity, relieves self doubt

โ€ขHelps eliminate the fear of being judged or criticized by others.

โ€ขEnhances & amplifies manifestations.


โ€ขUsed for self discovery, awakening inner awareness, intuition and spirit.

โ€ขEncourages contemplation, introspection and clarity,

โ€ขHelps to release fear-based insecurities.

โ€ขStrengthens faith in and reliance on yourself and the universe, bringing inner peace.

This stone is said to urge you to take hold of your freedom.


โ€ขPosesses an unusual vibration that encourages divine connection with the deep innermost part of yourself.

โ€ขHelps you to recognize the divinity within your own self, helping you to feel a spiritual sense of love, acceptance and trust.

Only after learning to be true to yourself is it possible to free yourself & unlock all that is Divine within you.๐Ÿ’“

[For those who have never been fine tuned to their Higher Self Matrix or are needing to speed up the process, I strongly suggest a distance Reiki session, as they often serve as catalysts from the profound clarity they offer or advanced DNA activation series. Both can be found in my services. If you have questions on either or learning what your Higher Self Matrix even is, drop a comment below. ]

8 Reasons You Need to Learn Reiki For Your Life + Your Biz

Reiki, for those who may not know is energy healing. It is provided by the Universal Life Force, not an entity or diety, so it is able to be practiced by any religion! (Want a more in depth explanation catch my last blog.)

In order to work with Reiki, one needs to be attuned by a Reiki Master. โœจ (This is kind of like when you calibrate your GPS -- it fine tunes the individual for the energy.)

ย SO why would YOU want to be trained in energy healing??? 

My response is why wouldn't you!?ย 

NO REALLY...... it's that amazing...ย 

But just for the person who needs concrete reasons -- I've come up with 8 top reasons you NEED it for your life + your _ (with the rise in entrepreneurship, many of you reading this have your own businesses.)ย 

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What is Reiki? An Explanation Everyone Can Understand

What is Reiki.jpg

LETโ€™S GET THIS STRAIGHT: Reiki is for everyone.


Youโ€™ve heard this term Reiki thrown around.
It came up during your bomb session in hot yoga,
you hear it in your spiritual groups,
& with Reiki becoming so common - Itโ€™s important to really understand what it is.

Reiki is energy work.
As it is energy, it can transcend time & space.

It is energy from the Universal Life Force -

NOT the practitionerโ€™s own energy.

OK โ€” SOโ€ฆ. What does it do?

my favorite answer to that is what DOESNโ€™T it do?

Reiki heals spiritually, emotionally, physically & mentally.
Since it transcends time & space it can be channeled anywhere for anyone

(as long as they are wanting to receive)

OH YEAH โ€” we said TIME too right??

Reiki can be channeled past, present or future to heal specific events.

It can be used to amplify, charge or cleanse crystals.
Struggling with addiction issues?? It helps with that too.
Manifesting something big? - Better believe it will enhance & amplify your results.
Need quick relief from anxiety?? A quick sesh changes everything!
Amplifying your foodโ€™s nutrients?? SAYYYY WHAT? (YEA it can do that too)
THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS โ€” because Reiki can do no harm & is intention based.


Reiki is most commonly known for chakra work.
(Chakras are your energy centers - if unbalanced can lead to physical, mental, or emotional issues.)

Reiki is beyond transforming, and the best part is it doesnโ€™t take much!!!

Very simplyโ€ฆ

Anyone can receive it. Anyone can do it (with the right training).
For anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

If you want to understand Reiki further

reach out to me & we can book a 1:1 chat!
Or click the button below to grab the guide.

If you have other questions about Reiki I would LOVE to hear from you! Drop me a comment.

Mission: Mindfulness

Heading into the Hustle && Bustle;
Hereโ€™s your mission to maintain sanity:

โ€” Mindfulness โ€”

Mindfulness is a term as well as a practice we all can adopt and follow to help bring ourselves back to reality, re-ground && re-center to be able to focus on our tasks at hand.
Especially with the Holiday Season upon us, which usually brings about more stress than joy, this technique is beyond helpful & transformative when completed daily.

Simple Technique 1: Focusing On Your Breathing

You can complete this exercise sitting or standing, wherever you may be.
You will want to take a big, deep breath in & release it slowly for about 5-6 seconds.
You should breathe in through your nose & outward through your mouth.
Allow the breathing to become effortless.
Any thoughts that come to your head, acknowledge them but let them pass.
Maintain focus on your breath. In & out, slowly.

Simple Technique 2: Observation

Choose an object near you to focus on.
Look at this object as if you have never seen it before.
Take in all of its purpose, how it serves you or others.
Explore it visually, taking in every aspect of it, in a sense, becoming consumed by it.
Allow yourself to connect with it & to its energy.

Simple Technique 3: Having Space

Space allows us to feel freedom and ease within our soul.
Without that sense of freedom, how is it possible for us to be happy??
Donโ€™t lose yourself in your work or the busy day to day or the hustle && bustle.
Practice letting go by reciting this phrase, sharing from an incredible book on mindfulness, Peace in Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh

Breathing in, I see myself as space. Breathing out, I feel free.

May these bring you peace && simplicity within your day to day.

If you enjoyed these techniques and are looking for more in-depth training,

I offer an amazing Mindfulness Certification program you can find within our Programs & Certifications section.

What on Earth is Reiki ???


You may have heard this word Reiki thrown around a lot lately -- A LOT on my personal page if you follow me, & especially in respect to healing with all of the mega energetic shifts we have been experiencing -- && like the one about to happen with Mercury's Retrograde starting DURING the full moon!!! && if you are big into holistic healing you WILL want to hear about it if you haven't been !

You may even hear it & find yourself drawn to it -- but have no idea what it is, no idea where to even start finding out about it -- or even how to get it or begin practicing it.


WHAT is it?

Reiki is energy from the universal life force --

it is channeled by a Reiki practitioner or master & drawn in by the recipient. 

It heals physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

It is a non-deity based modality so many can receive the benefits of it.

SINCE it is energy -- it can transcend time & space, meaning it can be channeled to a person, place or thing in the past, present, or future, REGARDLESS of time or distance.

What does it HELP with?

Reiki can help with an immense amount of things. It is primarily used to balance your chakras. (7 points in your body that if unbalanced cause physical, mental & emotional issues)

Reiki can (BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO) be used to aid in healing physically, help with resolving addictions, uplift your vibration, relax, energize, balance, bring clarity, increase nourishment in foods, help to find items, answer important questions, clear negative energy in spaces, heal emotional or mental issues, & so much more.

SOUNDS AWESOME -- How do I get some / How can I work with Reiki?

In order to work with Reiki one needs to receive the attunements for the different levels. There are three levels to working with Reiki -- Level 1 works on yourself & others physically in person. Level 2 works on yourself & others using the symbols taught for distance Reiki (transcending time & space). Level 3 is where someone becomes a Reiki master & learns how to attune others. If you wish you experience Reiki healing -- You can head to my shop and book a distance session with me OR find another healer you connect with. I am a Master & Teacher trained in Usui Ryoho Reiki as well as animal Reiki & crystal Reiki. If you wish to work with this modality I offer a fully certified (allowing you to work in health centers, etc) at your own pace program in all levels & even animal Reiki or crystal Reiki -- you can find this under programs & certifications, xoxo.


Reiki has changed my life completely -- it has given me so much healing -- brought so many people into my life -- transformed my career -- given me so much purpose -- 

&& has aided IMMENSELY in my manifestations!

I encourage everyone to try it.

You can comment below for more info or email me at

Raise Your Vibration in 4 Simple Ways #HolidayHack


No matter how "high vibe" or positive we try to stay throughout the hustle & bustle our vibration tends to lower & we can get a little "crabby" if you will --

&& anyone who says the holidays aren't stressful clearly isn't HUMAN.

So just for you -- I'm dishing out FOUR of my best tricks I do REGULARLY to lift myself back up -- in hopes to help melt a little of that holiday hectic away, xoxo.


  1. MEDITATE >> I am so serious when I say I am HEAVILY meditated. I meditate in the shower, in the bath tub, when I am doing the dishes, BUT THE BEST is when I intentionally focus hard on a specific vibration I am trying to hold && that is what you are going to do. If you have never meditated before IT IS OKAY -- it may feel a little weird to you -- the silence & stillness to some can be unbearable for long periods -- so if you are just beginning try it out for 7-10 minutes or so. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO MEDITATE. Simply sit or lay in a quite space -- eyes closed to reduce distractions -- & just focus on your breathing. -- && If you are feeling adventurous you can grab a one on one guided meditation appointment with me. << YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF CENTERED & REFRESHED. Repeat as often as necessary. 
  2. PRACTICE GRATITUDE >> The more you practice it the more natural it will become && the more you will realize how small some things are in the grand scheme of life. Be grateful for the phone in your hands as you read this. For the roof over your head. If you are out somewhere -- be grateful for the vehicle that got you there -- be thankful for the air you are breathing -- the light you are seeing -- whatever attracts your slightest attention -- focus in on it && truly appreciate its value at all levels. It will lead you to appreciating even more.
  3. AROMATHERAPY >> Seriously there are so many different scents for different vibes. If you want to raise yourself -- spray your favorite perfume to help remind you of some fun memories you have had while wearing it -- burn your favorite incense as you meditate (I have different favorites for different moods -- currently obsessed with Auroshika Orange Blossom cones for a little oomph of energy & zing -- snaggable in my shop)
  4. DRINK WATER >> As humans we don't value water enough. Our bodies are made up mostly of it -- therefore -- IT IS ESSENTIAL -- Increase your daily water intake & watch a huge shift in not only your mood, but also your energy & even your weight.



Here is some kitten therapy XOXO

-- so much love && light --

rick and mory.jpg

Confessions of a #BusyMom #BossBabe

So I'm going to be so totally raw right now.

I can honestly say I have been so far off my game lately.


To be honest I don't even know how to get back into this - so I've rationalized that confessing would be the best route. I guess this is mostly for me to get off my chest, and to help show you all that I am human. I go through stuff just like the rest of you.

I broke away from something I loved deeply - writing my blogs and really connecting // serving my tribe. The time off was all for good purpose. You see, you can't pour into others until you've poured into yourself. And that's what I have been doing the past few months (while in absence from my blog and most interaction on Instagram).


I've made incredibly bold, scary, and challenging decisions that have really forced me to look inward toward what I want from life, what makes me happy, and who I want to connect with. I feel beyond refreshed, completely clear and level headed and ready to rock this!

(And I'm hoping this will lead to amazing content for you readers!)

I made the decision to leave my son's father, the man who had been my constant over the last near eight years. Someone I wanted to spend my life with. Someone I gave literally my all to. Someone I changed for. Someone I sacrificed so much for. Someone I thought I was growing with, yet I finally realized we were growing further and further apart. The choice was hard to make, something like that never is easy when you truly love someone. After doing some intense soul searching and making several positive changes in my life, it ended up awakening me to the pain I was putting myself through each day by trying to hold on.

Letting go is a challenging and scary thing to do. We all get to a certain level of comfort and a lot of times things are just easier "sucking up" versus perusing how you truly feel. I'm learning it is okay for people to take longer to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I am also learning it is okay for you to distance yourself from those people who are not on your level (or near it) because you have every right to be around those who can relate & support you - people who will help you LEVEL UP.

Diving into the world of single motherhood is a scary thing... all that talk of child support, figuring all the visitation, and of course all the questions from everyone - on top of how you already feel going through something like that - and now being the only one paying the bills...

All at the same time of going through this I randomly [I say random, but this is straight how the universe works] connect with an amazing guy through a fellow #BossBabe & business partner. Our connection right of the bat was so powerful there was so much telling me to just give it a shot. Here the universe gives me literally everything I had been searching for in a partner. Someone to challenge me to be a better me. Someone to love me for me. Someone to grow with me on a spiritual level. We've been doing this our way & I couldn't be happier & more excited for the future.

The most important things I've learned over this time are these four simple things to accept:

1. You can't control timing (nor do you need to explain it to anyone) - know it is all in the way the universe plays out. There is no such thing as coincidence.

2. You can't live a life being something other than yourself - if you are QUIT. You will drown in feelings of regret, disappointment, and other negativity. The universe will give you people to love you for who you are if you trust it.

3. You can't ever give up - no matter how bad you feel, how scared you are, how tough things are, how tired you are, how much you want to quit and walk away from it all, you can NOT give up. You are meant to reach your ultimate potential.

4. Put yourself first once in a while IT IS OKAY!!! - as a fellow mom, I understand, you're accustomed to putting EVERYONE else before yourself. It feels uncomfortable at first, but do it a few times and you'll feel like a brand new person.

You can't be your best you if you don't put yourself first once in a while.


I hope some of this explains a little of what I've been dealing with and where I am at spiritually. I am really sorry for the absence and I'm really excited for the things I'll be bringing you in the future!!! (& if you're loving all this and want to follow more of my story and get to know me on a personal level please subscribe & feel free to connect with me on facebook!)

Level Up Your Soul

Ever get that feeling that your soul needs more? As humans we pour so much into others - sometimes we drain ourselves. 



+ Surround yourself with positive, uplifting & supportive people. ๐Ÿ’“ 

+ Let go of things you cannot control. 

+   On the flipside,  TAKE control of the things you can. 

+ Do something you love. 

+ Disconnect from situations // people that bring you down. 

+  Train yourself to see endless possibilities.  

+ Listen to instrumentals, binaural beats, and other uplifting media. 

+ Ground yourself.  Go outside barefoot & feel the Earth beneath you. Become one with nature. Breathe in & out slowly. Relax. 

+ Open your mind to the blessings & signals of the universe.

+ Show the ones you care for how much they mean to you.   Simple nothings. Notes. Phone calls. Messages. Surprise them something you know they'll love - simply because.


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5 Ways To Fit In Breakfast


It is easier than you think to fit in breakfast!

Here's 5 quick tips to help you take advantage of the most important meal of the day :

1. PREP what you can the night before (ex: banana, granola bar, apple ๐ŸŽ, pick out your cereal & bowl, etc.) Saves you time & the chance you'll skip out since you know what you're going to eat.

2. K.I.S.S. it // when you're short on time, don't try to make an elaborate breakfast! You'll end up stressing yourself out ๐Ÿ˜ง Keep It Short & Simple!!! Don't over complicate your meal! Wheat toast with jelly anyone?? Fresh fruit??? English muffin with avocado????

3. Protein Please // A protein packed breakfast will keep you fuller longer & is easy to do! Try out different recipies including lean meats (I love simple baked chicken ๐Ÿ” pieces), eggs, cheese, milk & yogurt. Or if you're short on time mix up a protein shake & amp it up with some milk, yogurt fresh fruit & nuts (I LOVE ๐Ÿ’˜ ItWorks ProFit Vanilla - it doesn't have that chalky taste & is only 100 calories, 13g of Protein & the least amount of sugars I've seen in a protein! You can find it in my shop!)

4. Meal Prep // there are tons of easy crockpot recipes that will last you the whole work-week on Pinterest ๐Ÿ˜ my favorite is overnight oats with strawberries, cranberries & mandarin oranges. You cook it on low while you sleep & Voila! ๐Ÿ’—

5. Take it on the go // if you're THAT short on time, bring your breakfast with you. That quick protein shake or yogurt may be simple but it will do your body wonders.

Your body requires fuel to get through the day.

By eating breakfast you give yourself vitamins, minerals & calories for energy, can boost your immune system, kickstart your metabolism, & even feel fuller through lunchtime! Studies even show by skipping breakfast you may be eating more calories throughout the day than if you had eaten it. SO FUEL UP!

Share with a friend who needs this!!! 


Essential oils are such a great way to feel better - naturally!!! All oils have different purposes and uses. Lavender oil is one of my favorites, simple because of how many uses it has! (And it smells so good!) Personally I use Lavender Oil by ItWorks because of the high quality of it. A few drops goes a long way. (Put your email in at the end for info on my oil of the month club - New Oil each month + Uses & Recipes).

7 Uses for Lavender Oil I bet you never knew about!

  • First Aid: Drop lavender oil on a minor cut to clean the wound, stop bleeding, and even kill bacteria. 
  • Motion Sickness: Drop Lavender oil on the tip of your tongue, behind the ears or around your belly button to help eliminate motion sickness.
  • Chapped // Sunburn Skin or Lips: Drop Lavender oil on your skin or lips to renew & restore. Mix with a little bit of sugar to create a quick sugar scrub to remove dead skin.
  • Dandruff: Apply several drops directly on scalp. For sensitive skin, mix a 5-10 drops in with shampoo (depending on size of bottle.)    
  • Eczema: Mix several drops of Lavender oil with coconut oil and apply to the affected area. I used this on my son for when he was an infant!!!
  • Bug bites & Bee Stings: Put a drop of Lavender oil on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching reduce swelling.
  • Food Flavor Booster!!!: Add a few drops to any recipe to enhance flavor. Great in salad dressings, flavored water, teas and even cookies and brownies.

Get your own oil, recipes and list of uses sent right to your home through my EXCLUSIVE oil of the month club! Just drop your email below!!!


The New Year is the best time to start new positive practices to embrace the goals you have. One of the best ways to stay organized & focused is to utilize a planner. I prefer writing it down, but there are tons of planning apps & downloads you can use :-) A lot of people donโ€™t know of all they should include in their day & if youโ€™re among them, youโ€™ll love these five things!

Planner Swagg #BossBabe Style

Use a planner that allows you to schedule time by hour or half-hour! Youโ€™ll be able to accomplish more by filling your time slots. This helps eliminate distractions.
Add in something fun for yourself every time you accomplish something BIG! (Example: Big meeting day, add in a trip to Starbucks to treat yourself. You deserve it.)
Write down a new weekly goal to accomplish. Accomplishing goals makes you feel incredible! On top of the world, even!!! The more you accomplish the more you will want to tackle and the better you will feel about tackling the harder stuff. 
If writing in a planner, use a pen unique to your style & vibe. Find one that is a special color to you, has cool shapes on it, or says something to empower you. Itโ€™s a little reminder that youโ€™ve got this. If youโ€™re using an online planner or app, include your goals on a background on your phone // desktop. This will personalize it and make it a little more fun & may even help ground you & remind you of your why behind the goals.
Consistency!!! As simple as this is if youโ€™re not adding in the information and doing your part, your planner will never help you. Keep on top of it each day. Once it becomes routine, a habit will form & it will be easy.

Comment some of your planner tips & tricks // any websites or apps you use!

Toddler Taming: 4 Quick Ways for Mom to Multitask

As a fellow mom, I know how hard it is to catch a break! Between cooking, cleaning and managing your little ones, sometimes it can seem impossible to get anything done. Iโ€™ve gathered up 4 quick and easy tips to help you get a few extra things done in your life this week & hopefully make more time for YOU. Enjoy!

Get **IT Done

Own a tablet or smartphone? Set your child up with a favorite show or educational program. Have no idea where to start? These are my favorite FREE go-to apps for my toddler. (Make sure your apps are age appropriate - as my son is 3.)
YouTube Kids

  • Nick Jr. (shows & more)
  • Disney Jr. (shows & more)
  • ABC Kids (letter tracing game)
  • Balloon Popping For Toddler HD

Have a notebook or blank paper? Awesome! Challenge your toddler to draw the shapes you call out. This is stimulating, full of bonding & learning. (Bonus if you add colors into it!!! Just be careful if your tot is the type to color furniture like mine is.)

Have an empty box? Turn it into a car, house, airplane ,etc. Imagination is so stimulating for little minds and keeps them busy for hours! Even more fun to have them decorate it.

Need to do laundry?! Let your toddler try to fold the โ€œdirtyโ€ while you fold the clean! This lets them feel helpful and keeps them from wrecking the stacks of clean laundry you just folded

Love the tips??? Subscribe today & share them with a friend!



Hey there! Iโ€™m Mallory, a simple toddler mom & #BossBabe on a mission to change as many lives as I can by working with people who are ready for a lifestyle change - in health & // or financial freedom. I am beyond obsessed with spreading as much positivity as possible, coffee & tea, healthy lifestyle changes (that donโ€™t break the bank & take little time), fashion, beauty, DIY projects, mom living & this #girlboss lifestyle. I love spending time with my world - 3 year old Michael, my fiance Steve, & our yellow lab Emmy. 

Getting to know me a little deeperโ€ฆ
When I say I am obsessed with healthy living that may be an understatement. I have committed myself & family to this healthy lifestyle, one with natural remedies, time for self improvement, & positive vibes. I work full time as a pathology assistant but my true passion lies in coaching & working directly with my friends & #BossBabes on building their own health & wellness journey. I am totally a lover of all things coffee, so be prepared for lots of recipes; and my addiction for all things Target is even greater - so I hope you have cartwheel!!! I have been addicted to working smarter not harder in all things & canโ€™t wait to share that with you.

I am in love with my business, as I said its where my passion lies.

The confidence I have from running my own side hustle is so empowering that I need to share it with the world! Every mom deserves to be able to pay the bills & still have enough to get her nails done. Every babe should be able to rock any outfit with full confidence! So thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m here! Iโ€™m here to help you find the confidence, the time, the positive drive & this crazy amazing #girlboss lifestyle!

Connect with me on instagram :-)