I'm Mallory πŸ˜™

I'm a Target loving #shopaholic // wildly woo obsessed. I am a crazy toddler mama & newly mom of two, so you'll find me heavily meditated. I am a Master Reiki channel & teacher. I’m guilty of being a netflix binge-watcher & loving all things that raise your vibration!

I hustle harder than I dream.

I believe in manifestation & harnessing YOUR power within. My soul speaks by loving everyone & pouring life into others. I believe in cute little love notes & snail mail packages, meetings like coffee dates, & being a soul sister. I love uplifting + blessing others

& I'm ready to share that with you. πŸ’–



I help holistic babes, health gurus, & lovers of all things "woo" connect with those special high vibe tools. πŸ’–


I help serve others in their wellness journey physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. I develop, coach, & inspire new #ReikiBabes how to start their own practice or utilize Reiki to change the lives around them as well as their own. I remind them to dare to dream & manifest their deepest desires.


I truly take the time to build strong relationships & truly connect πŸ’“ with my tribe to better understand their needs & goals. I take those goals and break them down step by step to form a quality game plan. Whether you need to take charge of your healing, or want to aid in the healing of others, or BOTH; I have researched optimal ways to achieve your goals from working smarter not harder!!!


I am following my dream & don't "work" a day in my life!!!

 Its your turn to start dreaming again! πŸ’–

Have the bodymind you want, live a healthy lifestyle, & gain the confidence to go along with it β™‘ Save time with mom's simple tricks, raise the eff out of your vibe

& have fun with me along the way.