5 Ways to Maximize the Full Moon

Full Moons are FULL of


Which is why it is CRUCIAL to maximize this energy.

Here’s 5 ways I love to harness the power.

GOT CRYSTALS??? Charge them UP!
Charging crystals is a super simple practice.
I suggest cleansing them with sage or Reiki prior,
but the energy of the moon will cleanse them as well.
You set your intentions of harnessing the power of the full moon
literally while setting them outside to soak up the moon (just like sun-bathing!)
Just be careful as some stones can be ruined outside (getting wet in the event of rain).

BONUS: You can even do this with essential oils!!!
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JOURNAL. Dig fearlessly deep.
Full moons are great for acknowledgement & clarity.
Use both to your advantage.

EXPERIENCE AN ENERGY SESSION. Reiki + Full Moon = Unique Frequencies.
Book an in person or distance Reiki session!
The frequencies from Reiki & the Master or Practitioner channeling + the energy from the Full Moon combined can really amplify the healing & transformations.
(I offer some extremely powerful lunar work)

One of my favorites is putting regular water in a jar & charging it in the moon.
You’re changing the intentions & when you drink it will be revitalized with the moon!

Because psychic abilities are heightened at this time,
it is often easier to identify cords tied to your etheric body.
Release them with love & strength of the moon.

Enjoy the Full Moon & ALWAYS finish any ritual or practice with gratitude.

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