Connect to Your Highest Self: 4 Crystals to Help


One of my favorite ways to access my highest self vibration is with crystals!

Here are 4 of my favorite highest self crystals and why! ๐Ÿ‘‡


โ€ขLessens self defeating behaviors and builds self esteem. In turn builds confidence as well.

โ€ขHelps you to understand yourself, embrace your inner truth and express it effectively.

(ESPECIALLY in difficult situations)

โ€ขPromotes self expression through creativity- get in touch with your inner Creative... it can help in areas like writing, drawing, painting, acting, and singing.


โ€ขStone of self esteem, self confidence, self expression and individuality. Gives you the confidence to be the best damn you there's ever been, embracing your differences & uniqueness.

โ€ขInspires emotional clarity, relieves self doubt

โ€ขHelps eliminate the fear of being judged or criticized by others.

โ€ขEnhances & amplifies manifestations.


โ€ขUsed for self discovery, awakening inner awareness, intuition and spirit.

โ€ขEncourages contemplation, introspection and clarity,

โ€ขHelps to release fear-based insecurities.

โ€ขStrengthens faith in and reliance on yourself and the universe, bringing inner peace.

This stone is said to urge you to take hold of your freedom.


โ€ขPosesses an unusual vibration that encourages divine connection with the deep innermost part of yourself.

โ€ขHelps you to recognize the divinity within your own self, helping you to feel a spiritual sense of love, acceptance and trust.

Only after learning to be true to yourself is it possible to free yourself & unlock all that is Divine within you.๐Ÿ’“

[For those who have never been fine tuned to their Higher Self Matrix or are needing to speed up the process, I strongly suggest a distance Reiki session, as they often serve as catalysts from the profound clarity they offer or advanced DNA activation series. Both can be found in my services. If you have questions on either or learning what your Higher Self Matrix even is, drop a comment below. ]