Raise Your Vibration in 4 Simple Ways #HolidayHack


No matter how "high vibe" or positive we try to stay throughout the hustle & bustle our vibration tends to lower & we can get a little "crabby" if you will --

&& anyone who says the holidays aren't stressful clearly isn't HUMAN.

So just for you -- I'm dishing out FOUR of my best tricks I do REGULARLY to lift myself back up -- in hopes to help melt a little of that holiday hectic away, xoxo.


  1. MEDITATE >> I am so serious when I say I am HEAVILY meditated. I meditate in the shower, in the bath tub, when I am doing the dishes, BUT THE BEST is when I intentionally focus hard on a specific vibration I am trying to hold && that is what you are going to do. If you have never meditated before IT IS OKAY -- it may feel a little weird to you -- the silence & stillness to some can be unbearable for long periods -- so if you are just beginning try it out for 7-10 minutes or so. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO MEDITATE. Simply sit or lay in a quite space -- eyes closed to reduce distractions -- & just focus on your breathing. -- && If you are feeling adventurous you can grab a one on one guided meditation appointment with me. << YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF CENTERED & REFRESHED. Repeat as often as necessary. 
  2. PRACTICE GRATITUDE >> The more you practice it the more natural it will become && the more you will realize how small some things are in the grand scheme of life. Be grateful for the phone in your hands as you read this. For the roof over your head. If you are out somewhere -- be grateful for the vehicle that got you there -- be thankful for the air you are breathing -- the light you are seeing -- whatever attracts your slightest attention -- focus in on it && truly appreciate its value at all levels. It will lead you to appreciating even more.
  3. AROMATHERAPY >> Seriously there are so many different scents for different vibes. If you want to raise yourself -- spray your favorite perfume to help remind you of some fun memories you have had while wearing it -- burn your favorite incense as you meditate (I have different favorites for different moods -- currently obsessed with Auroshika Orange Blossom cones for a little oomph of energy & zing -- snaggable in my shop)
  4. DRINK WATER >> As humans we don't value water enough. Our bodies are made up mostly of it -- therefore -- IT IS ESSENTIAL -- Increase your daily water intake & watch a huge shift in not only your mood, but also your energy & even your weight.



Here is some kitten therapy XOXO

-- so much love && light --

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