So you've felt that big shift of energy

[and clearly everyone else has too…]

So what the heck is going on?!

July 16th holds incredible energy. 😍

We have a Lunar Eclipse + a TON OF RETROGRADES.

So typically, during a Full Moon πŸŒ• , you experience it at its brightest. But… during a lunar eclipse mama Earth passes between the Sun & Moon which engulfs the Moon in shadow. What WE actually see here on Earth, a dark red color called an Umbra. Because of this color they’re often referred to as a Blood Moon.

Ok so what does this have to do with energy?

Eclipses trigger these karmic points which fuel major events that shift us & essentially make sure we’re properly positioned on our karmic pathway. So get this… if you were weighing a big decision or two like changing best friends, asking a partner to marry you soon, on the flip side - ending a toxic relationship, or leaving a job in a few months, eclipses will make sure that shit happens NOW. 😳

This is sheerly because eclipses are far from subtle. They’re that drama filled basic bitch hat gets all up in your business. Get ready for new doors open by slamming others shut. We’re talking bridges burned πŸ”₯ & built overnight… so if you’ve been waiting for a catalyst, it’s here. Remember [once you’ve grounded & gotten clear] that it's in your best interest to take action! So, get ready to move forward full speed ahead if you’ve been dragging your feet.

so baby what are you waiting for?

make your move πŸ’‹