The New Year is the best time to start new positive practices to embrace the goals you have. One of the best ways to stay organized & focused is to utilize a planner. I prefer writing it down, but there are tons of planning apps & downloads you can use :-) A lot of people don’t know of all they should include in their day & if you’re among them, you’ll love these five things!

Planner Swagg #BossBabe Style

Use a planner that allows you to schedule time by hour or half-hour! You’ll be able to accomplish more by filling your time slots. This helps eliminate distractions.
Add in something fun for yourself every time you accomplish something BIG! (Example: Big meeting day, add in a trip to Starbucks to treat yourself. You deserve it.)
Write down a new weekly goal to accomplish. Accomplishing goals makes you feel incredible! On top of the world, even!!! The more you accomplish the more you will want to tackle and the better you will feel about tackling the harder stuff. 
If writing in a planner, use a pen unique to your style & vibe. Find one that is a special color to you, has cool shapes on it, or says something to empower you. It’s a little reminder that you’ve got this. If you’re using an online planner or app, include your goals on a background on your phone // desktop. This will personalize it and make it a little more fun & may even help ground you & remind you of your why behind the goals.
Consistency!!! As simple as this is if you’re not adding in the information and doing your part, your planner will never help you. Keep on top of it each day. Once it becomes routine, a habit will form & it will be easy.

Comment some of your planner tips & tricks // any websites or apps you use!