5 Ways To Fit In Breakfast


It is easier than you think to fit in breakfast!

Here's 5 quick tips to help you take advantage of the most important meal of the day :

1. PREP what you can the night before (ex: banana, granola bar, apple 🍎, pick out your cereal & bowl, etc.) Saves you time & the chance you'll skip out since you know what you're going to eat.

2. K.I.S.S. it // when you're short on time, don't try to make an elaborate breakfast! You'll end up stressing yourself out 😧 Keep It Short & Simple!!! Don't over complicate your meal! Wheat toast with jelly anyone?? Fresh fruit??? English muffin with avocado????

3. Protein Please // A protein packed breakfast will keep you fuller longer & is easy to do! Try out different recipies including lean meats (I love simple baked chicken πŸ” pieces), eggs, cheese, milk & yogurt. Or if you're short on time mix up a protein shake & amp it up with some milk, yogurt fresh fruit & nuts (I LOVE πŸ’˜ ItWorks ProFit Vanilla - it doesn't have that chalky taste & is only 100 calories, 13g of Protein & the least amount of sugars I've seen in a protein! You can find it in my shop!)

4. Meal Prep // there are tons of easy crockpot recipes that will last you the whole work-week on Pinterest 😍 my favorite is overnight oats with strawberries, cranberries & mandarin oranges. You cook it on low while you sleep & Voila! πŸ’—

5. Take it on the go // if you're THAT short on time, bring your breakfast with you. That quick protein shake or yogurt may be simple but it will do your body wonders.

Your body requires fuel to get through the day.

By eating breakfast you give yourself vitamins, minerals & calories for energy, can boost your immune system, kickstart your metabolism, & even feel fuller through lunchtime! Studies even show by skipping breakfast you may be eating more calories throughout the day than if you had eaten it. SO FUEL UP!

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