8 Reasons You Need to Learn Reiki For Your Life + Your Biz

Reiki, for those who may not know is energy healing. It is provided by the Universal Life Force, not an entity or diety, so it is able to be practiced by any religion! (Want a more in depth explanation catch my last blog.)

In order to work with Reiki, one needs to be attuned by a Reiki Master. ✨ (This is kind of like when you calibrate your GPS -- it fine tunes the individual for the energy.)

 SO why would YOU want to be trained in energy healing??? 

My response is why wouldn't you!? 

NO REALLY...... it's that amazing... 

But just for the person who needs concrete reasons -- I've come up with 8 top reasons you NEED it for your life + your _ (with the rise in entrepreneurship, many of you reading this have your own businesses.) 

1. Chakra Work

Chakras are energy centers within your body. There are 7 main Chakras & man, when they aren't up to par they'll let ya know -- IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR.  Reiki practitioners know the ins and outs of their chakras (and yours as well!) as they have very clear issues or ailments caused by their imbalances. They can be overactive or underactive, both causing a sleu of mental, physical & emotional issues.

With Reiki, you're able to identify these imbalances in yourself & others (allowing patience & often a different approach when it comes to interaction with others.) After identifying you can actually CHARGE or RELEASE this energy inside your Chakras, shifting the energy & vibration of you as a whole SIMPLY BY DOING A SESSION ON YOURSELF! 🤯 (So yeah that back pain you've been feeling for no specific reason -- your lower Chakras could be imbalanced.)

2. Other Family (Kids/Spouse/Relatives)

Reiki is amazing because it is simple to practice & if you're trained in Level 2, it can be done remotely via distance Reiki. Meaning, you can channel Reiki energy to Aunt Linda all the way across 6 states, helping her ease the grief of losing her dog. You can also help your spouse when they come home in physical pain from their job.

& It's even more fun (& transforming) for kids!


My son is now 6 & practices Reiki with me. (Due to his age, he was 4 1/2 when I started training him, he is only attuned & trained for Level 1 which allows you to work on yourself or others IN PERSON.) Reiki helped both of us in a huge transition after separating with his Bio-Dad. He developed a lot of anxious tendencies & Reiki helped him be able to center himself. It also can help with many common behavioral issues parents struggle with these days. 

The Reiki principles also embody peace, forgiveness, & letting go of anger -- things we all should adopt & live by. 

3.  The Glow Up

So you know those days that you're feeling down in the dumps? Everything that could go wrong DID & you're beyond over it. A Reiki session will help raise your vibration & get the energy flowing so you can rise & glow TF up.

(+ you could channel to the instances that really sucked from over the day & ease them.)

4. Financial Savings

Okay so this one was a weird one for me to think of - but I can't tell you how much I have saved by being able to do my own inner healing (& being able to gift it to whomever I choose!)  + heal my son, & now with my daughter. When I was pregnant, I didn't need to hire a doula to aid in my birth because I channeled my own energy work to help heal me (& guess what - baby loved it too & benefit from it.)

 Okay so you said biz too --  UH YOU BET! 😍


Reiki can be used to infuse or charge just about anything. In fact, while reading this you have probably experienced a light, uplifting feeling (if not that's okay - everyone experiences Reiki differently) simply because I channeled Reiki while typing this. I also mentally beamed my symbols (there are multiple that serve different purposes, learned in Level 2) to project on the site. 

A common Reiki infusion would be essential oils or food! (When you infuse food with Reiki your body is able to absorb the nutrients better. 😎) 

6. Holistic is HOT! 🔥🔥

So it's not a secret that Holistic Wellness & all things natural had been an increasingly popular topic & change in lifestyle. So why not get involved with something that serves others NATURALLY? WE ALL NEED HEALING. 

7. Offerings

If you decide to not work with clients directly with Reiki it still makes a 💣 gift for your coworker, employee, or boss. + you're only gifting your time & knowledge!!!

8. Manifestation

Quite possibly my favorite. Reiki can be used to amplify your manifests. Draw the power symbol on your dream board to intensify your dreams. Use the emotional symbol on your inner work journal prompts - it will aid in the release. Raising your vibration is also CRUCIAL in manifesting - Reiki will do that for you & help you keep it there. 


It quite literally is endless -- the   amazing things Reiki can do for you & those around you.


 If you're ready -- you can start learning right now, from the comfort of your home & ST YOUR OWN PACE. (Or if you prefer in person training, you can schedule for that.) Hop on over to:




if you would LOVE to learn but could use a payment plan - feel free to comment below or hit me up on our contact page or via social media. 💖 Payments are offered in case by case circumstances.