8 Reasons You Need to Learn Reiki For Your Life + Your Biz

Reiki, for those who may not know is energy healing. It is provided by the Universal Life Force, not an entity or diety, so it is able to be practiced by any religion! (Want a more in depth explanation catch my last blog.)

In order to work with Reiki, one needs to be attuned by a Reiki Master. ✨ (This is kind of like when you calibrate your GPS -- it fine tunes the individual for the energy.)

 SO why would YOU want to be trained in energy healing??? 

My response is why wouldn't you!? 

NO REALLY...... it's that amazing... 

But just for the person who needs concrete reasons -- I've come up with 8 top reasons you NEED it for your life + your _ (with the rise in entrepreneurship, many of you reading this have your own businesses.) 

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What is Reiki? An Explanation Everyone Can Understand

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LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT: Reiki is for everyone.


You’ve heard this term Reiki thrown around.
It came up during your bomb session in hot yoga,
you hear it in your spiritual groups,
& with Reiki becoming so common - It’s important to really understand what it is.

Reiki is energy work.
As it is energy, it can transcend time & space.

It is energy from the Universal Life Force -

NOT the practitioner’s own energy.

OK — SO…. What does it do?

my favorite answer to that is what DOESN’T it do?

Reiki heals spiritually, emotionally, physically & mentally.
Since it transcends time & space it can be channeled anywhere for anyone

(as long as they are wanting to receive)

OH YEAH — we said TIME too right??

Reiki can be channeled past, present or future to heal specific events.

It can be used to amplify, charge or cleanse crystals.
Struggling with addiction issues?? It helps with that too.
Manifesting something big? - Better believe it will enhance & amplify your results.
Need quick relief from anxiety?? A quick sesh changes everything!
Amplifying your food’s nutrients?? SAYYYY WHAT? (YEA it can do that too)
THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS — because Reiki can do no harm & is intention based.


Reiki is most commonly known for chakra work.
(Chakras are your energy centers - if unbalanced can lead to physical, mental, or emotional issues.)

Reiki is beyond transforming, and the best part is it doesn’t take much!!!

Very simply…

Anyone can receive it. Anyone can do it (with the right training).
For anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

If you want to understand Reiki further

reach out to me & we can book a 1:1 chat!
Or click the button below to grab the guide.

If you have other questions about Reiki I would LOVE to hear from you! Drop me a comment.

What on Earth is Reiki ???


You may have heard this word Reiki thrown around a lot lately -- A LOT on my personal page if you follow me, & especially in respect to healing with all of the mega energetic shifts we have been experiencing -- && like the one about to happen with Mercury's Retrograde starting DURING the full moon!!! && if you are big into holistic healing you WILL want to hear about it if you haven't been !

You may even hear it & find yourself drawn to it -- but have no idea what it is, no idea where to even start finding out about it -- or even how to get it or begin practicing it.


WHAT is it?

Reiki is energy from the universal life force --

it is channeled by a Reiki practitioner or master & drawn in by the recipient. 

It heals physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

It is a non-deity based modality so many can receive the benefits of it.

SINCE it is energy -- it can transcend time & space, meaning it can be channeled to a person, place or thing in the past, present, or future, REGARDLESS of time or distance.

What does it HELP with?

Reiki can help with an immense amount of things. It is primarily used to balance your chakras. (7 points in your body that if unbalanced cause physical, mental & emotional issues)

Reiki can (BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO) be used to aid in healing physically, help with resolving addictions, uplift your vibration, relax, energize, balance, bring clarity, increase nourishment in foods, help to find items, answer important questions, clear negative energy in spaces, heal emotional or mental issues, & so much more.

SOUNDS AWESOME -- How do I get some / How can I work with Reiki?

In order to work with Reiki one needs to receive the attunements for the different levels. There are three levels to working with Reiki -- Level 1 works on yourself & others physically in person. Level 2 works on yourself & others using the symbols taught for distance Reiki (transcending time & space). Level 3 is where someone becomes a Reiki master & learns how to attune others. If you wish you experience Reiki healing -- You can head to my shop and book a distance session with me OR find another healer you connect with. I am a Master & Teacher trained in Usui Ryoho Reiki as well as animal Reiki & crystal Reiki. If you wish to work with this modality I offer a fully certified (allowing you to work in health centers, etc) at your own pace program in all levels & even animal Reiki or crystal Reiki -- you can find this under programs & certifications, xoxo.


Reiki has changed my life completely -- it has given me so much healing -- brought so many people into my life -- transformed my career -- given me so much purpose -- 

&& has aided IMMENSELY in my manifestations!

I encourage everyone to try it.

You can comment below for more info or email me at highvibesconnection@gmail.com