8 Reasons You Need to Learn Reiki For Your Life + Your Biz

Reiki, for those who may not know is energy healing. It is provided by the Universal Life Force, not an entity or diety, so it is able to be practiced by any religion! (Want a more in depth explanation catch my last blog.)

In order to work with Reiki, one needs to be attuned by a Reiki Master. ✨ (This is kind of like when you calibrate your GPS -- it fine tunes the individual for the energy.)

 SO why would YOU want to be trained in energy healing??? 

My response is why wouldn't you!? 

NO REALLY...... it's that amazing... 

But just for the person who needs concrete reasons -- I've come up with 8 top reasons you NEED it for your life + your _ (with the rise in entrepreneurship, many of you reading this have your own businesses.) 

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